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What’s included in a Property Appraisal?

Property Details

We will complete a full assessment of your property and its key selling features. Things our agents will take note of are the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, condition, fixtures and appliances, and the quality of any renovations that have been done.

Location Analysis

This is an assessment of your property’s location, proximity to public transport, schools and amenities, and potential buyer appeal.

Recent Local Sales

An analysis of current market trends, similar properties for sale in the area as well as a review of what sold in the last quarter and for what price.

Price Guide

A property value estimate or price guide will then be provided by your MGM MARTIN agent.

What is the property appraisal process?

Not selling? Here is a couple of reasons why you need an appraisal

Knowing how much your property is worth ensures you understand the financial position you are in. Even if you’re not looking to sell, a market appraisal can provide you with the insights you may need to get started on those renovations you’ve been planning and know the impact they will have on your property value.
Maybe you’ve noticed a fluctuation in your area and you want to know what this means for you or maybe an investment property is on the horizon.
All of these maybes can become a lot clearer by knowing what your property is worth.


Local Market Changes
Becoming An Investor
Lifestyle & Family changes


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