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Peter Tun has over ten years of experience in residential sales in the real estate industry. Commencing his career in a business broking company, he quickly developed a passion for both real estate and building relationships. After several successful years and building a solid network and reputation, Peter's newfound passion prompted him to transition full-time into the real estate market. However, finding his footing in the real estate industry presented its own set of challenges. Faced with intense competition, Peter recognised the necessity of relying on his devoted work ethic, personalised approach, and strategic pricing to distinguish himself in the real estate market, with a decade-long tenure working as a real estate agent in Green Square. Peter covered and sold properties in Zetland, Rosebery, Waterloo, and Alexandria. As an agent working in these areas, Peter naturally drifted towards specialising in selling apartments and units due to the high level of demand and infrastructure. 

With strong attention to detail and a straightforward research process, Peter analyzes the comparable sales of the respective area and breaks them down into simplified terms for his clients. Having sold multiple properties in Green Square and its neighbouring areas, including but not limited to Zetland, Rosebery, Waterloo, and Alexandria, Peter is recognised as the go-to choice for those looking for the best real estate agent in the area. Peter largely accounts for his success in understanding and communicating the sellers' price and value of the home to potential buyers.



In terms of marketing his properties, Peter has crafted distinctive and personalized strategies that he applies to encourage potential buyers to the listings. Peter's amicable yet professional relationships, complemented by MGM Martin's standing as an industry leader and its strong, growing database, contribute to his consistent success, typically achieving around 20 per cent in sales for properties listed off-market. When executing a full campaign, Peter recommends utilizing platforms such as and Domain to guarantee the property's visibility to the appropriate targeted audiences.

Staying informed of current market trends, alterations, and regulations, Peter remains well-informed through diligent research and monitoring of real estate outcomes. Peter typically achieves an average of 20 days on the market, a result attributed to his careful attention to the presentation of homes. He takes great pride in ensuring the property is always looking its best for potential buyers. Recognising the centrality of relationships in real estate, Peter consistently seeks ways to enhance and exceed expectations for his clients. By understanding the landlord's motivations and the buyer's priorities, Peter establishes a strong rapport early in the process. This enables him to communicate openly with both buyers and sellers during challenging negotiations, ensuring that each party feels understood and confident in his capable hands.

Peter thrives in a fast-paced environment and is committed to providing a customer service experience to remember. He believes in the importance of developing relationships with buyers and sellers, as well as ongoing communication with both, and his list of repeat clients is testament to that. 


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