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Growing up in Chile, family, and connection to your community are particularly important aspects of the culture. This means that relationships have always been at the centre of who I am, so it’s probably no surprise that I have ended up in an industry and role where connecting with and servicing others is so important.

The importance of what we do in Property Management is never lost on me. We’re not just here to ‘fill a property; we’re here to help people find their new homes. This is a big privilege and a responsibility that I revel in. There are so many small hurdles that can frustrate you when you’re looking for somewhere to live or someone to look after your property, and as a Property Manager, it’s important to communicate strongly and to ensure that our landlords, current and future tenants know that we’re here to help them, only having their best interests at heart.

When I met the team at MGM Martin, I knew that joining them was the natural next step. The team has a strong bond, here only to achieve the best we can for our clients while taking pride in our work and in our brand. Looking after the best interests of our clients, and understanding their needs and goals, whether they are renting or leasing, is vital to providing an excellent service.

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