The Sydney Residential Hotspots To Consider In The New Year!

If you are considering buying a home or an investment property in Sydney your biggest decision is where to buy. Which areas are next year’s hotspots? Those desirable suburbs where people want to live and property prices are likely to climb steadily? In this article, we will look at changes to our ways of living and working and how they have affected where we choose to live. We’ll look at some of the things that make a suburb a desirable place to live, or a ‘hotspot’. Finally, we’ll reveal some areas of Sydney which you may not have previously considered but which tick those ‘hotspot’ boxes.
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    What has changed?

    The Coronavirus global pandemic has changed much about our lives since early in 2020 and the future is still uncertain!

    A great many Australians, especially working in the cities, have worked remotely, from home, and have been forced to stay in our homes during the lengthy periods of ‘lockdown’, to slow the spread of the virus.

    Remote working has been a success for most organisations and we are likely to see this type of working continuing, with a typical working week split between working at home and commuting to work in the CBD.

    This new ‘normal’ way of working means transport links to the CBD are still essential but spending so much time at, or near, the home has meant we are more aware of what our neighbourhood has to offer.

    Keys to a property hotspot location

    What are people looking for in their ideal Sydney residential location?


    Let’s face it, driving in Sydney is a nightmare! There are traffic jams everywhere and parking at your destination is hard to find and expensive. One of the most important features to make a location desirable is accessibility. This means public transport hubs; railway stations or bus routes. Cycling is also growing in popularity as a means of free, healthy transport. There is a growing network of cycleways and dedicated cycle lanes to keep cyclists safe and moving.


    Australians remain fascinated with the sea or rivers, lakes and canals. Water is great for swimming in, boating, fishing or admiring from a cafe or with a picnic. Waterfront property is the ideal location but is unrealistic for most of us, especially in and around Sydney, with millionaire-only lots on the harbour or beachside. We are happiest to be living within easy travelling distance to a beach.


    If we can’t get a waterfront home then a home in the country, or ‘bush’, is not far behind in desirability. What is more relaxing than strolling or hiking through nature after a hard week at work?

    If we live and work in Sydney, we are looking for residential areas with great open parks within walking or cycling distance as long as they are still not too far from a beach!

    Suburbs with amenities

    These are places where people want to live because they are close to work, or near a transport hub, see above. Must-haves are nearby schools and hospitals or medical centres. These suburbs are seen as trendy or cool or family-friendly. They have the latest must-visit cafes, wonderful restaurants and bars. There are shopping malls with the usual supermarkets and chain shops but maybe a bustling market at the weekend or areas with quirky, boutique shops.

    Sports and recreation

    Sydneysiders love their sport. We’d most like to be at the beach or out in National Park. Living in a city, we want sports facilities for tennis, netball and basketball, cricket, football or even a golf course, if we are lucky. We like inner-city suburbs with parks nearby, with playgrounds for children and plenty of space for us to cycle and run. In the cooler months, we are regulars at a gym, of which there is no shortage in Sydney!

    Rental Application Hacks To Make You Stand Out In A Competitive Market|Blog|MGMMartin
    Which suburbs are the next hotspots?

    Working in the CBD a few days a week, with easy travel to work, consider the suburbs to the south and east of Sydney’s CBD as next year’s potential residential hotspots. These suburbs, from Mascot in the South to the Pacific beaches and right up to the CBD itself tick all the boxes.

    There are great transport links with a quick commute to the city and easy travelling to the beaches for a refreshing swim after work. There are huge parks and golf courses and even Randwick Racecourse for sport, recreation and for that regular dose of greenery.

    Suburbs like Zetland have changed from their industrial past to become cool, desirable residential hubs, with quirky, trendy cafes, shops and markets.

    Where can I get more advice?

    Get in touch with MGM Martin Real Estate. With offices in Mascot and Zetland, they are situated in the next residential hotspots. With years of experience, they can help you find the home of your dreams or your next investment property in a boom area!

    The team at MGM Martin take the time to get to know their local neighbourhoods. Contact them today and ask about the best local schools, cafes, shops or sports centres. They may even share which of the golden beaches, stretched down the eastern coastline, is their particular favourite!

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