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Why sell your home with MGM MARTIN

When it comes to selling your property, you can be guaranteed that the MGM MARTIN agency is built around a community of genuine, like-minded professionals with one goal – to achieve the best result for every one of our clients.

Our clients range from property investors with extensive portfolios to those buying and selling for the very first time. That’s why as a boutique agency, the services we offer are individual to suit every client’s needs.

Impeccable presentation, genuine service, exceptional sales skills, and strategic marketing plans are combined to ensure the best possible outcome whether you are selling a studio apartment or a multi-million dollar home.

At MGM MARTIN we know the biggest investment we make are with the people we hire. Their success is our success. Our team are talented, dedicated, and community-minded. We value honesty and transparency and pride ourselves on our hard work ethic and drive.

Our agents do everything with passion and purpose and in return, we provide them with an environment conducive to success.

Your Property Sale Journey

Do your own market research

Value your home

Choose a sale method

Maximise your property’s price potential

Engage a conveyancer to prepare documentation

Property marketing

Receiving offer or going to auction

Contract signed, deposit paid


Goal achieved


What Is A Property Appraisal?

One of the first steps when considering selling your property is to find out what it is worth in the local property market at the time. Things to consider include, has your local property market fluctuated, have you renovated recently, are you looking at investing or upsizing or downsizing the family home?

Once you know the value of your biggest asset, you can properly assess the potential opportunities selling could have on you financially.

How To Maximise The Value Of My Property

One of the most significant ways to add value to your property is to spending time preparing it for sale, it’s paramount you put your best foot forward. While there is alot you cannot change like location, size or views, minor aesthetic changes can dramatically affect buyer interest.

When preparing your home for sale, the decisions you make can impact the amount of buyers you attract, how long your home is on the market and how much you sell for.

Our Most In-Demand Concierge Services

Property Management

We are available to assist you with managing your investment, providing competitive rates and excellence in management services.


We have a number of preferred specialised cleaning service contractors which can have your home looking flawless.

Renovations & Repairs

If you are considering having some work carried out on your home, repairs done, undergoing a major renovation or installing a new pool, we will arrange quotes from qualified licenced tradespeople in your local area.

Property Styling

With your endorsement, we will make your house stand out from the rest, with proficient home styling, cleaning, garden care or flower arrangements.

Ways To Sell Property – Which One Is Right?

There are three main sales methods to selling a property:
Selling by Private Treaty
Expression of Interest
To achieve the highest sales price in the current market you are in, it’s important you discuss this with your MGM MARTIN agent about which method they believe is right for you and your property.

Different methods in certain areas and specific properties will achieve better results. Do your research and discuss with your agent. The goal of your agent is to sell your property for the best possible price so discussing this upfront is key to ensuring you are both on the same page.

The Perfect Match:
How To Choose The Right Agent For You

Whether it’s your family home, first home or investment property – your property is most often your most valuable asset. Choosing the right agent to to sell your property is a big decision.

You need to feel comfortable and confident with who you choose and the knowledge and experience they bring.

Understanding The Cost Of Selling Your Home

Selling a property is a major life event and while the idea of new beginnings is very exciting, it’s important to understand the unavoidable costs you may be faced with selling a property.

It’s really important you discuss the fees associated with selling a property with your MGM MARTIN agent. Things like maintenance costs when preparing your home for sale, legal fees, agents commission and marketing costs to name a few.

Selling a home can be a huge transition with an aray of emotions. At MGM MARTIN, we want to make this transition as seamless as possible which is why we offer our Concierge Service.
Being prepared for these costs will not only help the sales process run smoother but ensure you enjoy the experience too


We pride ourselves on our excellent service. Client satisfaction is paramount in the real estate industry.
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