Getting to know Inti Farina

As the newest member of the team, Inti was hand-selected by David and bestowed the responsibility of lead generation as he finishes his studies to become a licensed real estate agent.

With a background in operations management and business development working in the food and beverage industry, Inti has developed and strong passion for working with people and solving problems, therefore, pursuing his career in real estate. Sharing the same vision of record-breaking results, company leadership and work ethics as Team DB, Inti fits nicely into the team. With support from the whole team at MGM MARTIN, and their world-class internal fast-tracked sales training program, Inti’s studies and learning have excelled.

Inti’s empathic ability to resonate and work closely with all people he interacts with makes him comfortable to work with and easy to communicate clearly with.

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Mascot Office

 Shop 11/8 Bourke St, Mascot NSW 2020