Everything You Need To Know About Your New Commercial Lease

Do you want to be at the top of the list for your dream home? Renting in a competitive market is never easy. There are many ways to make yourself seem like the best candidate. With these rental application hacks, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

The inspection – Be on time, dress well

Especially if you have arranged a private viewing, being on time is important as being late suggests you are disorganised and forgetful. If you’re running a few minutes late, a simple phone shows you are courteous and respectful of others. Dress well. You don’t need to look as if you are going out to dinner but be neat and clean. If other viewers turn up in scruffy, ripped clothes or directly from the building site, you will stand out as looking more reliable and professional.

Get to know the rental agent

In a competitive rental market like Sydney, high-quality rental property in a desirable location is likely to get several decent applicants. You need to make yourself memorable, in a good way. A great and natural way to do this is to spend time at the inspection with the rental agent, chatting with them. The agents are more likely to give the place to someone they like. You should reassure yourself you can have a decent, professional relationship with the agent, too.

A landlord may ask the agent for their impression of applicants. Introducing yourself will make sure you separate yourself from the crowd in a way that doesn’t rely on the application alone. Being aware of how you speak to the agent is also critical. You shouldn’t seem too demanding at a first meeting. You may think the property may need some redecorating or renovation. Ask whether the landlord would consider resolving the problems. Don’t demand they be fixed.

Be prepared

Make sure you have the application ready and all supporting documentation ready when you go to view the property. The rental agent’s job is to minimise the period the property stands empty. Help them out by being ready to apply today. If the agent has requested applications on the day, have the documentation labelled and pass it to them. If the agent requests online applications make sure all your documentation is in a well-named folder on your hard drive or in the cloud. Documents must be clearly labelled ready to send off straight away. If you have a laptop, sit in your car or a nearby cafe and get the application package off as soon as you can! The rental agent’s job is to minimise the period the property stands empty. Help them out by being ready to apply.

Check your documentation, do it twice!

The smallest omissions can mean your application isn’t accepted. Badly named files or leaving out essential supporting documents may mean you’ll miss out on the property. Have your references prepared. Personal ID, bank statements or payslips, should all be ready to go prior to inspecting the property. Blank spaces in an application will cause the real estate agent to have to call you and follow up or ask for additional information. They might be reviewing 50 applications and may not bother to get in touch for missing information or a missing section, putting you firmly at the back of the queue.

Rental agents don’t like surprises and hate to call referees who have not been told they had been used as someone’s rental referee. Speak to your referees. Let them know they will likely be contacted. Make sure they’ll provide a favourable reference.

Include a cover letter

Treat a rental application like a job application – write a cover letter. You could be the only applicant to do this, putting you at the top of the pile! Write directly to the landlord. They want to be sure you can pay the rent and look after the property. Talk about your job and income and explain why you would be an excellent tenant. If you’ve received any certification or awards at work or as a community worker or volunteer include them. They’ll help your application stand out.

Always have questions for the interviewer

Prepare for a meeting with your potential landlord as if it was a job interview. They are likely to ask about your financial situation, your employment, where you lived before and why you are leaving. Prepare great answers. They will expect you to ask questions too. Ask about the local parking situation, amenities available to you and shared areas. What are the neighbours like? Are there any decent restaurants nearby? Having questions ready show you’ve thought about the application process, and are serious about living in their property.

Enquire about the application – don’t chase!

It’s important to politely follow up when the complete application has been submitted.

Keep it friendly. Ask the rental agent what the field is like, what they were looking for in a tenant and if there’s anything else you can do. This will keep you at the front of their mind.

After approval

Once you get approved, be ready to proceed quickly. Pay your bond, arrange the property move and contact utility companies.

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