5 tips to boost your morning productivity

How can you transform yourself from a morning zombie to an energetic worker? We bet you’ve thought about disabling the “snooze” button at least once before and we’re sure you have tried to adopt good habits like not having a coffee after a certain time or minimising screen time in the evening. Congratulations, you are almost there! Here are our favourite, simple steps to help you become a zestful, energised person despite an early wake up. And forgive us for the cliché, but consistency really is key 😊

So, how to swipe morning sleepiness and finally start enjoying the early hours?

Tip 1 – How much sleep do you need?

Ask yourself how many hours you need to sleep to feel good and rested? Seven? Eight? Nine? Then just subtract these hours from your ideal wake up time and – voila, you have your perfect bedtime!

Tip 2 – Before you go to bed

First of all, avoid extra stimulation to your brain before bed. This means adding the  below things to your list of “don’ts”:

  • Drinking coffee after 2 pm;
  • Consuming alcohol in the afternoon, especially cocktails with coffee;
  • Eating sweets – a large amount of sugar and caffeine in chocolate makes it work as a stimulant keeping you up when you don’t want to be. In general, sweets increase our blood sugar level, then crash it, causing an adrenaline spike that results in stress and hormone cortisol increase;
  • Energetic exercises – it’s better to go for a walk, practise yoga or breathing exercises;
  • Endless scrolling online, social networking or watching movies that leave a strong impression;
  • Reading about complex subjects, having heated discussions or analysing your daily ups and downs before bed.

Tip 3 – Quality of sleep

We often talk about creating a nighttime routine for babies and children but we very rarely apply this to adults. It can be beneficial to create a relaxing everyday ritual of a specific sequence of steps you do before you sleep each day.

You can improve your circadian rhythm by really simple steps such as setting yourself the same time for going to bed and waking up and following this routine every day including weekends. Ensure your room is dark, silent and without distraction, and if needed use earplugs and an eye mask.

Can’t sleep? Do something calm, relaxing or even boring until l you feel sleepy.

productive morning coffee time

Tip 4 – Shift your wake-up time

Start shifting your wake-up time by just 5min (ONLY after you followed all tips above otherwise, it won’t work!). Continue moving it by 5min until you reach your goal. You can add each minute taken from sleep to the amount of time you exercise.

Tip 5 – When the batteries are charged

Now that you have had a wonderful, restful sleep, it’s time to plan your perfect morning routine. Elements to a nourishing, energising morning include a healthy balanced breakfast, plenty of water within 30 min after waking up and exercising for both your body and your mind. Try meditation, repeating affirmations, visualise, dream and dare! We promise you will notice the changes, the main trick is not to give up halfway.

Good luck!